1. Sacral Chakra

"The sacral chakra, also called Svadhisthana, is like a special energy spot in our bodies, located just below the belly button. It's important because it affects our feelings, creativity, how we enjoy things, and our relationships. When this chakra is working well, it helps us feel happy, excited, and full of energy.

"My composition, called 'Sacral Chakra,' is made to match the vibes of this sacral chakra. It's tuned to a specific sound frequency called 136.1 Hz, which is like its own special note. When you listen to this kind of music during meditation or yoga, it can help you relax and feel less stressed. It might even help your muscles and joints feel more flexible and relaxed.

"When you combine this special music with the focus on balancing emotions and the body through the sacral chakra, it's like a whole-body spa treatment. It helps take care of your mind and body together, making you feel good inside and out."