Sound Therapy: My overall aim is to assist people to heal themselves by restoring and rebalancing their natural energy flow.

I use my voice, music compositions, music instruments as well as the frequencies of tuning forks, to re-vitalize my client's own energy flow and thus support their own repair and healing mechanism.

Hand and Eye Co - Ordination Therapy: available to people who have problems in this area. We use music instruments.

Vocal Cords Strengthening Therapy: available to people who need assistance in this area: We use vocal exercises, vowels as well as breathing and relaxation techniques.

Music and Singing Therapy:  to encourage self - confidence, to encourage movement, to encourage correct breathing and aid with relaxation. To encourage and support creativity and to instill a sense of well-being and accomplishment.

Relaxation & Stress Relief Therapy: providing personalized music compositions designed by the therapist and the client to aid with relaxation meditation and sleeping.

The sound of a singing bowl can be useful as it can help to relax your mind, your body and your nerves.

The sound of a singing bowl can be useful as it can help to relax your mind, your body and your nerves.


It is said that sound healing is evidence based. And sound therapists point to Quantum Physics, NASA Einstein and others - everything in the universe are vibrations of energy.

If we accept this, then energy is supposed to flow freely through and within a person's body. In turn one can then infer that physical and mental conditions, ailments and injury can cause a person's natural energy flow to become weakened. 

And this view is held by sound therapists who will use sound frequencies to rebalance/restore a clients's own natural energy, to a level where the client's body can resume its normal natural energy flow in order for change or healing to take place in their lives.

Sound therapists use various methods, music instruments, sound therapy tools and voice during therapy sessions. Each tool will have a unique frequency and each frequency will have a specific purpose in the energy repair process. 

So my overall aim as a sound therapist is to assist people to use their own natural healthy energies to heal themselves.

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