It is widely believed that certain sound frequencies can trigger and revitalise the body's own repair mechanism. With this in mind:

I use the frequencies of tuning forks, singing bowls, music instruments, my own music compositions, as well as my singing voice, to assist people who might be experiencing a weakened, energy flow

  • I also offer the following services: Hand and Eye Co-ordination Therapy:

 Available to people who have problems in this area. We use music instruments.

  • Vocal Cords Strengthening Therapy:

Available to people who need assistance in this area: We use vocal exercises, we use the sounding and singing of vowels as well as breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques.

  • Music and Singing Therapy: 

I provide classes to encourage self - confidence, to encourage movement, to encourage correct breathing, and to aid with relaxation.

  • Art Therapy: 

To encourage and support creativity, encourage relaxation and to instil a sense of well-being and accomplishment. 

  • Relaxation & Stress Relief Therapy:

Personalized music compositions designed by me with participation and input from the client, to aid the client to relax, to meditate and to sleep.


Using my tuning forks I will illustrate the Solfeggio frequencies and talk more about the subject in one of my Podcasts.

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