Hello there! Welcome to my website. I'm based in the vibrant city of Brisbane, Australia. As a solo performer, I bring music to life at functions and celebrations, offering a blend of contemporary tunes and more. I'm also a Sound Therapist, using frequencies to restore the energy flow of individuals who may be experiencing challenges due to physical, mental, or injury-related conditions. 

In my role as a Music and Singing Teacher, I offer a variety of services, both in-person at my studio and online through platforms like Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype. These services range from Singing Lessons and Vocal Coaching to Keyboard Lessons and Music Theory sessions. 

I'm also skilled in creating and arranging tracks for fellow musicians and singers. 

You can reach out to me at marcolinbrisbane@gmail.com 

or connect with me on MeWe: https://mewe.com/join/musicteachergroup11.

and for more information about me please explore my website.