Have you ever dreamed of being able to sing or play keyboards?. Well, why wait any longer?. Contact me and together we might be able to make your dream come true.

I am an experienced singer musician and might be able to help you cultivate your talents and passions by sharing some of my knowledge and know how with you.

There are so many aspiring singers and musicians who need the support and guidance of an experienced singer musician, just like I did when I started out.
I was lucky, many singers and musicians took me under their wings as I grew up and they taught me so much.
I include my now retired vocal coach and mentor, Miss Kathleen Sutton FTCL RMT a very special lady, among a special group of musicians who assisted, supported and encouraged me. If I can share my knowledge and encourage a Singer or a Keyboard player to reach for the stars, then I would be passing on the love and the encouragement that I have received from my teachers, coaches and mentors. 

For singing students who only need a language coach as part of their graded singing exams, tuition in Italian, French and Spanish are available. And for students who only need assistance with their Music Theory - I offer that service too.